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>> Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heey, I'm libby:) I love writing novels, poems, and blogging. Writing is huge part of my life. and readddinggg:D And also music -- I love listening && playing:) I play violin, piano, and more.. :) I love song writing too;; designing is awesome to -- that's another thing I love doing... as well as danceee:) yeeah, dance is preetty funn:) I'm a different girl... I wouldn't say im ur average teeeenage girrrl -- cuzz im not... maybe its a good thing... or maybe its nott. Click to read my profile.

I hope -- through this blog -- that you will learn lots about lifee,god,,and friends:) I would love to see you here, so we can become awesome blogging friends:) this blog is for you... for all of us.. to have funnn:)

Libby ♥

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